Da wir im Briefeschreiben nicht so gewissenhaft sind, wie wir sein möchten, haben wir uns entschlossen unseren Freunden auf dieser Weise Einblick im Familienleben zu gewähren.

Am rechten Rand findet Ihr die Seiten des jeweiligen Familienmitglieds, für die es alleine zuständig ist!


We have been living in Germany pretty much since 1981 with the except of very few years. Heidelberg has come to be home. I obviously, am not the German speaker in the family.

On the right are the links to the individual familiy member's pages. Just like with teenager's rooms, to a certain extent you enter at your own risk. I also am not the lawyer and don't feel obligated to put up any further disclaimers. Not all links are completely functional at the moment, so please stop back regularly.

A quick word about open source design - in this day and age, completely accessible webdesign is the only way to go. My thanks to the many designers who make compliant templates available for all of us newbies.


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