Published on April 14 2006

Right now all that you see is a place holder so that my mother stops nagging me and something comes up other than a blank page when you click on my link. Sooner or later I will put something more here.

Image Gallery by me
Last updated on April 14 2006

future site of pix and art.

And why not leave some of the Latin? I still have to take it in school....In augue. Sed elementum, risus in pretium condimentum, orci elit iaculis eros, imperdiet elementum erat ligula quis augue. Vivamus mi. Sed id nisl vitae ligula ornare ullamcorper. Proin purus. Pellentesque faucibus nunc eu risus. Praesent vitae lectus. Suspendisse dictum pulvinar massa. Nunc fermentum, lectus at sagittis.